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about us

why cooperative?

Cooperatives create and maintain employment providing income and job security. They are responsible for producing and supplying safe, quality services to their members, but also to the communities in which they operate.


Cooperatives are socially conscious organisations responding to the needs of their members and customers creating a positive experience for all involved.

excellence and professionalism 

Bristol Plumbing Coop provide quality plumbing solutions at reasonable prices. Bristol Plumbing aims to provide you with complete solutions for the design, supply and installation of plumbing solutions and all general plumbing repairs.

Our team are all qualified tradesmen with years of experience and we offer a high level of professionalism to all our customers.

insured and guaranteed

Bristol Plumbing Coop have full liability insurance with AXA insurance.


We also include a 3 year guarantee on all new installations and always offer our service with a smile.

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You can also find us on, part of the BRITAIN online network.

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